Living to the fullest

Living in delusion,
Knowing that it’s all an illusion.
Looking for likes and dislikes.
Swiping left and right.
Dreaming tonight, forgetting tomorrow,
Consuming, consuming, consummating.
Liar liar, lying to yourself.
Smiling outside, crumbling inside.
Empty pot, empty pot,
Nothing of content.
Questioning questioning,
When will my life start.
Happy 30th, you passed the start.
Am I dead or alive,
Am I living or pretending?
Am I real, or am I playing?
Dress up, it’s all dress up.
Likes, loves, wows,
Where are my vows to myself?
I’ll be good, I’ll be smart,
I’m not a sucker,
I’ll live for myself.
I don’t care what they think,
I’ll do what’s best for me.
Checked my phone,
Where are my validations?
No one likes me?
Change of hair color and a pose?
Look at me look at me, please.
Still nothing,
Oh God, what’s wrong with me?
Day, night, day, night,
Right, left, right, left,
Consuming, consuming, consummating.
I’ll do better,
Day, night, swiping right…