Oh intangible Nymph,
At your smallest wimp,
I would give my all to serve thee.

You’re the only one
That with a lightest of vibrations,
And without a need for any higher attestations
Can get my heart rewinded and going.

All of my sensations are gone or withdrawing
When I hear your calling,
and then I do not care whether
I am alive, or already falling.

With love or spite, or sorrow,
You trace my every step,
Sometimes it seems that without you
There simply cannot be a better tomorrow.

I’m ripping at my hair with extended claws,
Being a forsaken from my birth,
I mistook your fleeting silence
For a lonely return to eternal hollow.

Don’t ever leave me,
May I believe you also need me,
In harmony we must hold hands
When the last notes are tolling.

Forever our sounds will resonate,
For we have been, we are, and we may be.
You, my Nymph, and I, your sad satyr.