All Play and Pleasure

Ride, ride, ride that pony,
I don’t want to be phony,
But oh, life is so sweet,
It’s no sour bolognie.

Now what I said is childish,
and I know it.
But please forgive,
While I enjoy a free toffee.

Sucker for taste bud confetti.
Taffy fudge bonbon.


“This Modern Love”

this modern love

Separating myself from angry poetry for a day, I would like to catch your interest for at least just a moment.
This will be my very first mentioning of a book, but for that I have very selfish, but also selfless, interest.
“This Modern Love” by Will Darbyshire, that is to be published on 11th of August, is a collective book of love letters, written by people from all over the world. After receiving numerous submissions (namely 15,570), W. Darbyshire has selected letters and photos that cover the sad, fun, unbelievable and (un)forgettable moments of love (from the beginning till the end).
Depending on the background music and drink of your choice, this read may be funny, sad or something in between.
So, if you ever feel like snooping just a little bit, mingling in the love stories of the people of the world, just take this book, and read it.

As for the selfish part, my letter was selected, and is now contained in the pages of “This Modern Love”, and I love that very much.