You, Don Quixote

Don’t you sometimes think that we waste too much time,
and not learn enough about the beauty of life?
What about reading a book, a paper, something good?
All replaced by videos, memes, and ad hooks.

Modern day person is like a Don Quixote,
Fighting windmills of useless postings.
Do I need those shoes, cheap dress, earring hoops?
No, cause they are not worth to have or to lose.

The “New” section of bookstores makes me want to search for noose.
It is all full of 20-something children giving advice on life and foods.
Swiping left, swiping right, getting rid of all that crap,
Searching hard, searching long, I will find the golden word.


Modern Martyr

Labour martyr burning on a money pyre,
He fought bravely for his credit cards.
Riding loaned horses,
He believed in a happy end.

The only free right is to die,
Suffering is a costly burden for the naked king.
Enjoy while Big Brother supplies borrowed joy,
In grey season all you’ll want is that free service.

Race as long as you want,
The same wall awaits all,
Name – Unimportant, who you are – inconsequential,
Credit line in a bank, contact on a phone.


I’m stuck here today,
Will waste the whole day
No one to talk to, nowhere
to go,
I listen and listen
to never-ending useless words flow.

Delegations, states, interests
Wouldn’t be a problem
if the interest would have been
I’m hearing it today,
heard it before
a year, two, ages ago.
Got anything new to explore?

Pass the floor, pass the
Just please don’t forget to
leave me alone.
Got nothing to say,
breath is being wasted anyway.
I’m passing it on,
Representing uselessness
once more.

Let’s end this forum,
we have nothing to say,
Rome was already built
in a day.
All we do now
is talk and destruct
people’s lives,
people’s trust.
Nothing created,
nothing set.
Simple words filled with regret.

Due diligence needs to be
Let’s see how far we’ve come,
comprehend the emptiness,
and let’s just be


Please, please, please let me be free,
I will go up or down,
I don’t care, why should I?

Here comes a day,
When once again
I say I wanna die.

Desperate, but not in love,
I scramble for the last thread of twine
To hold me in place and survive.

Misunderstood, left just to be,
I wail in my lonely misery.

My life wastes away,
I think I can already say
That when I lie struggling to die,
I’ll say we have a tie,
Please, someone, let me re-try.

Laugh at this fool,
Too scared to move,
Had I known her from before,
Would not give her a two-minute thought.