Let’s talk

The time has come when I feel that I have to write to move forward. For a long time I was silent, for a long time I did express myself as fully as would have liked to.

Our time is overly consumed by work, by electronic devices, by commuting. Often not enough time is left to just talk, discuss or simply think in depth.

I don’t want to be distracted anymore, I want to sit down, recall that one random thought I had today while waiting for a bus or sitting in a meeting, and try to expand it, try to analyse it, perhaps learn something or re-discover.

Without thinking, without talking to ourselves we will not grow, we will not develop. The person we must know best is us.

And now I will address you, and that is very presumptuous of me to think there is a You. But if you are here, and you feel like talking, invest your thought with me, and let’s, perhaps, have a conversation.


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